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Most genealogists expect to come across the odd photo, see a family resemblence, but not know who the person in the photo is. It can be very frustrating. In our case when asking an aged Aunt about family history she gave us a very battered Victorian Photo Album with the words "you can have these, most of them are family but I don't know any names or who they are". We are very grateful for the gift ( the photos would likely have been lost from the family completely ) but the photos have caused us quite a few "frustration" headaches. We publish some of the better photos here with the remote hope that someone somewhere in the world may have the "same" photograph AND know the name(s) of the person or people. The album - like many of the family - came from the Isles of Scilly, most of the photos were taken on the Islands by various photographers plying their trade there, mainly Gibsons.

  cornish photograph
Isles of Scilly photo
Carte de visit, very ornate adverts on back for Gibsons Penzance studio, (presume photo taken there.)
Carte de Visit, Photographer J.C.Tonkin, Isles of Scilly, simple plain trade name on reverse.
Photo St Austell Cornwall
Travellick Scilly Photograph
Carte de Visit, plain trade plate advert on back.
Michell, Church Street, St Austell
Photo taken In Liverpool, sent to Scillies 1874?
on reverse: To Aunt Mary Trevellick.
  Falmouth Cornwall picture
Scilly Isles Photo . unknown couple?

Cabinet print (6.5 by 4.25 inches), rounded corners,
ornate photographers advertisements on the back.

More to follow, page still under construction
Portloe Veryan Cornwall, Fishermen  photograph

Blank on reverse. Location: Portloe (Veryan Parish, Cornwall). Date: unknown.
Family lore says they are Frosts & Blameys, but which?. also that this image
may have been sent to a newspaper or magazine and be the subject of an article.

Sometimes knowing the date of a photograph can help you to place the subject more accurately into your family tree.
Visit Roger Vaughan's excellent website on how to date old photographs.
Visit Rosemary & Stan Rodliffe's illuminating photographers website - lists many photographers by County & date.

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