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Comments by Diane Dunstone on 16 February 2002 at 17:12
My family is descended from Edward Dunstone
Location: England no URL given

Comments by Lucy Carter on 29 December 2001 at 11:10
Wow, I'm Lucy Alexandra Carter ref 251 and I was born on 30/11/1978 so you can update your records!
Location: Somerset no URL given

Comments by Lee Trevellick on 29 November 2001 at 10:58
interesting site, might be able to shed some light on a photograph you have posted. good luck with the site,cheers
Location: North Devon,England no URL given

Comments by Helen Boulden on 13 November 2001 at 21:04
Good luck with the website. I follow the Curgenven line, so contact from others following the same family line are welcome.
Location: SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA no URL given

Comments by stephanie wilson on 02 October 2001 at 22:45
My father's family were from the Scilly Isles - Woodcock family - anyone with similiar connections?
Location: worcestershire no URL given

Comments by Sheila on 03 September 2001 at 08:48
Good Luck with your site hope it takes off as well as my genealogy sites and visitors leave you plenty of messages
Location: England

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